Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm just so excited....

I am very excited to have begun my new business in August, 2005. We opened and have been doing better than I expected.

Owning my very own business has been a life long dream. I owe it to my wonderful husband, David and my daughters, Kali, Hailey and Lilia. They have been so supportive.

We just recently added Jumpin' June Bugs to our store. Susan who started Jumpin' June Bugs is a stay-at-home mom who makes "pillowcase dresses". They are sooo adorable!

And Susan from Sweet Su Creations who makes our hairbows has been doing fantastic!


  1. Hi Luana, I will be glad to help but just need your question clarified (call or email me next week). Good luck with the blog, but watch out, it is addictive! Have fun :)
    Hugs, Darla

  2. We are glad to help but just need your problem clarified.


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