Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Where did Customer Service go?

Have you seen the DHL commercials about customer service? It's pretty funny but so true. It's amazing to me how companies survive treating their customers the way they do. Do they not realize that we can take our business elsewhere?

Isn't it funny when you call a customer service department and you get a recording, "Your call is important to, please continue to hold." And then you hold for who knows how long.

Clark Howard says, "customer no service!" Isn't that the truth.

I recently had a bad experience with a customer service department with one of my vendors. Can you believe they told me that it wasn't their problem that my order was wrong? Well, excuse me. They even told me they don't accept returns. Then can someone please explain to me why I have this yellow paper in my shipment that says I have 30 days to return my items?

If there is one thing that people will get at my shop is attentive, friendly, helpful service. Why? Because I respect my customers. I make it a point to greet every customer who comes in our shop. I follow by asking if there is anything special they are looking for. We strive to satisfy our customers. I have a policy that if my customer is looking for something I don't have, I will do my best to get it for them. My return policy is clearly posted and very easy to understand.

There are 3 things to help yourself get treated right:

  1. Complain - either write a letter, call or send an email to the manager or owner
  2. Be nice yourself - how will it look if you are raising your fists and raising your voice. Sometimes we, the customers, are not always right.
  3. Take your business somewhere else - You have so many choices where to shop. Why give a company your money who isn't taking your business seriously.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Reintroduction - My Simple Indulgence

My name is Luana Fortner and I own a boutique in Loganville, GA called, My Simple Indulgence. We are not only have a brick & mortar location but also are an online retailer and home show boutique. What sets us about from other boutiques is the uniqueness of the items we carry.

We have local ladies who consign their handmade items in our boutiqe. To name a few from Women of Gwinnett, we haveDarla Dixon - Portrait & Illustration, Patti Owens - Scrubbles Soap and Crystal Brown - Crystal Creations.

Our Home Show Boutique is new for 2006. We are very excited about this new venture. We bring our store to your home. It's a nice way to shop from the convenience of your own home with friends.

Our Online Boutique has been going since we opened our doors inAugust-05. We feature some of our local consignors on our website as well. It's helps people get a little taste of what our boutique in Loganville has to offer. We are diligently working on adding some of our new products. So look for us online!

A little bit about myself: I'm a mother of 3 girls and have awonderful husband. I love to make jewerly and read books.

My Simple Indulgence

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Okay, I know it was 4 days ago but hey better late than never.

Well, 2005 will be a year to remember! So much happened this past year. It just seems like yesterday when we opened My Simple Indulgence but it was in August. I can't believe we have been open now for 5 months! Wow does time fly when your busy.

When we opened we only had 2-3 consignors and we now have over 10. Some of our consignors make custom bows, children's clothing, handbags, quilts, jewelry and artwork. I love working with each of them. There are quite a few new consignors who will be in soon. A majority of the consignors are WAHM's. The shop was not initially going to be consigning but there are so many talented WAHM's out there. Now, don't get me wrong we do offer items from vendors such as Ganz, Two's Company and C&F Enterprises that are great too.

This year is off to a great start. There are several new features in the works. Our first item is we will be offering home parties. The hostess will receive several rewards for having a party. We are very excited about this new part of the business. And there is so much more to come.

We are looking forward to year 2006.