Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Submit A Slogan Contest

Our FIRST ever, Submit A Slogan Contest.

Sumbit your slogan for a chance to win $50 plus a rhinestone t-shirt with your design and much more!!

Winning slogan will be created into a stunning Rhinestone T-shirt!!
You do not have to be an artist to submit a slogan. All you need is a great idea! If you have a slogan to submit all you need to do is email it to us. If your slogan wins, we'll take care of the graphics and art work.

What are you looking for:
We are looking for your best slogan or phrase. It can be any phrase, word or words you have. Some phrases/slogans we currently make are: Mommy Rocks, Daddy Rocks, Mommy's Girl, got wine?, etc.
How to submit your design:
  1. Get your idea ready for submission. Come up with the most original idea or slogan you can think of. Don't submit a well known slogan like got milk? or a photo of your cat. We are looking for a slogan that is amazing that people would say, "I should have thought of that!".
  2. Indicate which category your submission is for. Categories include: Baby, Child, Teen or Adult. Only 1 submission per category can be submitted.
  3. Slogan can't be too big. It must be able to fit across the chest of a t-shirt. For a child t-shirt, up to 35 characters. For an adult t-shirt, up to 45 characters.
  4. Slogans must be clean, no adult content, or profanity. We are a child friendly company!
  5. When submitting be sure to indicate font used.
  6. Slogans can be submitted as artwork but not a requirement. You can just submit your slogan phrase and we'll take care of the rest. If you are submitting artwork, submissions would need to be low resolution but keep a high resolution on file in case your slogan is chosen.
  7. Blog, tweet, Facebook update, email everyone about your submission so they can vote for your slogan!
  8. Deadline to submit your slogan is June 15, 2009.
  9. By Emailing your slogan to Submit Slogan you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

What if my slogan is declined:

  1. Your slogan may have been too big. Keep in mind if your slogan is for a child or adult t-shirt it would need to be able to fit across the chest. The slogan can be in multiple lines.
  2. It could be inappropriate. We only accept slogans that would be child friendly. We have babies who wear our shirts. No adult material or profanity will be accepted.
  3. Possibly not an original idea or copyrighted. Be sure to double check your submission. It could already be used by another designer. Copyrighted material can not be used.

How slogans are chosen:

  1. Once all submissions are received and evalutated for content, they will then be posted to this blog for voting. Slogans will be listed under each category.
  2. The community will rate and comment on the slogans. Be sure you tell all your friends, family and whoever you know to come vote for you! Obviously the more votes you have the better your chances are at winning!! Voting instructions will be posted at the time the slogans are posted.
  3. Voting will end on June 21st at midnight. The 1 slogan which has the most votes will win.
  4. On June 22, the winner will be announced on My Simple Indulgence website, blog, Facebook and via email.

If your slogan is chosen you'll receive:

  • $50 in cash
  • $25 My Simple Indulgence Gift Certificate
  • 2 - 25% off My Simple Indulgence coupons for you and a friend
  • 1 Rhinestone t-shirt of your winning slogan in the size of your choice
  • A write up on My Simple Indulgence webite, Facebook and blog along with your picture
  • Automatically Entered into our Rhinestone Slogan of the Quarter contest
  • Free reign to gloat about winning!!

Submit Your Slogan!!