Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coming Soon!

I am so excited about some of My Simple Indulgence's upcoming products. We are working really hard to get some of our new products photographed and up on our website.

I will quickly tell you what is coming. First we have, which you already see pictured on our home page, Monogrammed Buttons. Monogrammed buttons can be used for necklaces, shoes, bags or just anything you want. We will have several fabrics to choose from as well as fonts. Next, we have Bottlecap Accessories. We will have MTM Bottlecaps as well as Personalized Initial Bottlecaps available in
necklaces as well as keychains. And then lastly, my absolute favorite item, is our Custom Handstamped Sterling Silver Line. We will be offering custom handstamped pendants and accessories.

Well, back to work. Lots to do!